Wet — Signed Paperback





I thought working hard and becoming a reporter would cancel out the juvenile delinquents acts of my past. But that’s not how things work in Lone Star. Here, they’ll never see me as anything more than the troubled girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Thankfully, I’ve learned not to let that stand in my way. I know who I am now, and go after what I want. Which is exactly what I did when I ran into Ryan John in a dark hallway. He’s carved perfection teeming with good ole boy charm, and I ached to indulge in our sizzling attraction.

I knew I was playing with fire, but he was worth risking the burn.

For two months, I’ve avoided Miranda. But the taste of her lips and feel of her body against mine hasn’t left my mind for an instant. Every day is a fight against temptation as I focus on my farm and raising my brother and sister. Yet when a mysterious letter arrives, announcing a company wants to buy my water rights, I know I need her whip-smart reporter instincts to help me get to the bottom of this. The fact that it gives me a reason to spend another night with her is just icing on a deliciously inviting cake. With my life overrun by family obligations and responsibilities, all I can allow myself is one night.

One taste…is exactly what I need. And what I should avoid.

Fans of steamy, small-town romance will fall in love with Wet.

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