Lucky Ride

Release Date: July 31, 2022

The last person Kade Jenkins expected to road trip with was his best friend’s little sister, Eden Wilcox. She was sassy and all too real for him. Not to mention the fact that she was the one person who he couldn’t seem to impress—no matter what he did.

Sharing a car with Kade was one thing. But getting caught in a snow storm and being forced to share a bed with him was something else entirely. She was almost certain she could hear him doing unspeakable things to himself in the shower. Why hadn’t he shut the bathroom door?

It was all sin city from there. And when he’s asked to fill in for the original best man, he and Eden are thrown together every which way. He is not the best best man. He is thy enemy. Thy enemy who looks smoking hot in a tuxedo and can rub against her in all the right ways…too bad he wasn’t the type to fall in love and she wasn’t the type to fall for a rich guy like him.

It’s not all about what happens in Vegas…

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